Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Moment

Today is the day that Facebook will be inundated with posts about where people were on the day the airplanes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. A sad day. A horrible day. You'll see a lot of "freedom isn't free" and "God Bless America" posts shared through Instagram.

What you won't see is a lot of posts about how people were changed by that day. Really changed. Thirteen years later, can we even be honest with ourselves about what we have learned? Is it just one more day out of the few in the year where we will put on our patriotic faces and don our flag pins? Meanwhile - for the rest of the year - we take our freedoms for granted, we ignore the needs of our veterans, we hate our police departments, and we neglect the budgets of our first-responders. We are so busy being politically correct that we are forcing ourselves to ignore what is truly harming us - who the true enemy is here.

So today, I ask you to reflect on not just where you were 13 years ago, but on how it changed you. And if it hasn't changed you, then perhaps you should think about why it should. Because it should change you. It should change all of us.

Note to Self: For me, the change was not immediate. It was when my husband became a police officer. And every year on this day, I think of the loved ones lost. Of the ultimate sacrifice. Of how my husband one day, any day, may be called to do the same.

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