Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You love me!

You really love me!

1. Alison over at Dear Alison gave me a nice little award:
And I gave it to:
Colby at Spittin (Out Words) Like a Llama
Kelly at Ugly Ass Opinion
Sarah at Konfused

2. I got this lovely bit of recognition from Pure Evyl who wanted to let his readers know just how much he loves them... Thanks for the butt flowers, PE....
3. I received this award from Annie over at Writer Chick Talks who described me as "...a new addition to my blogroll, whose witty and down to earth style endears and informs and who really needs to be read more because she has some very interesting things to say."

And I passed it on to:
Maki at W/Love Sincerely
Kweenmama at Kweenmama's Kastle
Pure Evyl at From Evyl With Love
Colby at Spittin' (Out Words) Like a Llama
The Grit at Conversations with Brit & Grit

4. On December 4, 2008, I received the FuelMyBlog Blog of the Day Award.

5. I received The Honest Scrap Award from my lovely friend Maki over at W/Love, Sincerely:

And I passed it on to:
Matt over at A View From 5280Ft
Mahala over at Hidden Mahala
Teeni over at The Vaguetarian Tea Room

6. Evyl designated me the official Freak of the Week on his blog for the week of January 11!

7. I received this sweet award from House Wife over at Real Confessions.
I passed it on to these deserving blogs:
Random Bits
The Woman Behind HIS Badge
McQuay Madness

8. Kweenmama passed on this Fabulous Award to me:

9. I received this award from Ashley over at Ashley's the name...
Note to Self: Bring on some more awards!


colbymarshall said...

Oh, gracias! I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother and father, and the llamas, who I could not have done this without! :-)

~alison said...


MJ said...

CM - :) But especially the llamas...

Alison - No kidding! Thanks for the shiny bauble. :D

teeni said...

Congratulations! Of course we love you! :) Keep up the great posts!

SarahM said...

awwww thanks!!!

Peter Parkour said...

Congratulations Miss Stingy. ;)

MJ said...

Teeni - Thanks! You're not so bad yourself :D

SM - You're welcome. It's well-deserved. Keep up the good writing!

PP - :p

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the Academy, my agent and that ever present being always looking down on me - my stalker, that is. I couldn't have failed to win an award with a slim amount of competition without the help of soo many people. I would also like to thank MJ for knowing that an award would merely clutter up my blog.


MJ said...

Livin - I believe after this I may be forced to impose my No Whining policy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whiners suck - keep them outta here.

Maki said...

Hello:) First time visiting you blog - it's very nice and lovely! I definitely will be coming back:D

K Trainor said...

Hey thanks, MJ! :D Not only do I share your disdain for the eternally stupid, I also keep my trusty 2x4 of Reason close at hand in case one of them really gets out of line. Feel free to borrow it at any time.

MJ said...

Maki - Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Welcome to the craziness. See you soon!

K - It's a well deserved reward, dear. Oh and no need to borrow that 2x4. That's what I keep that lead pipe for...