Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re-defining Success

When you think about what success means, how do you describe it?

Is it being rich? Is it having a fancy car or a big house? How about a white collar desk job that makes six figures? Is it being the best at what you do? Is it being recognized for good deeds you've done? Is it having a fancy degree from a prestigious school?

In the recent past, I had felt a sense of failure after being laid off from my last job. How could I be successful without the paycheck to back it up or the fancy job title? How in the world was I going to be happy without being successful?

Really, I think I just needed to define my success differently. Regardless of my occupation, I am still very loved - by friends, family, Panther, and of course, my fiance. Changing my job does not make them love me any less. In fact, they can only love me more because of how much happier I am.

My success: being loved, being happy, having a home, feeling like I make a difference in others' lives, constantly striving to better myself, and owning at least one pair of Michael Kors pumps.

Okay, maybe not so much that last one, but all the others (although I own some lovely patent MK heels). Right now, at this point in my life, I am feeling very successful. And it has nothing to do with my paycheck and everything to do with my attitude in life.

Note to Self: How do you define your success?


monica said...

success for me can be many things, right now it would be: being in a better mood than yesterdays "unfair and for no reason at all" crappy mood, and for daring to wear pink nail polish at the office today ( my eleven year old thought it was soooo pretty...)on a Monday ! :o)
Love your successes - seem like the most important ones!

DEL said...

What a great question!

Sucess for me is be able to ensure the basic needs of my family (mortgage, food, & some fun) are met through a job I like going to. To be at a level of comfort where I don't have to worry about how things are going to get paid or work out and to know I am surround by people that care about me.

CityChic said...

Interesting question you pose because I've been trying to define it for myself. Right now, I find myself in limbo. I'm six months away from a milestone birthday and within the past year have made some major changes in my life. Society tends to define success by job title and money - two categories I don't excell in from a society standpoint :) - so it can be challenging to look past that and realize success just equals happiness.

colbymarshall said...

success for me is kind of the same definition as yours...being happy, being loved, feeling fulfilled with what I do. Being a good friend and a loving family the end of the day, that's what matters most to me.

Anonymous said...

I love it, as I was pondering the same thing the other day. Tons of friends online are updating their statuses with pictures and remarks about graduating college, which got me a little down. Support staff (family and friends) have said, 'yes, but you have a great job and a house.'
But I agree. I think success is your outlook. Are you successful, and giving your all, to what you have? If you live in a poverty ridden land with no real jobs, how can you be successful?
I think it's a question of how happy and accomplished the person is within themselves, and not what they've attained.

But I second you on the pumps, girl.