Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Between the sun-bathing at the pool, having a drink with the guys, and grilling up some greasy burgers, take the time to really think about the meaning of today.

Many of my fellow police wives also know the stress of having their hubbies serve in the military, and I cannot imagine having someone I love so far away from me for so long. I think it easy for us to separate ourselves from the sacrifice of our military when the fighting feels like a world away. It's something we definitely take for granted as Americans.

So today, think about those who are fighting for us and our freedoms. Think about those we have lost in the ultimate sacrifice. And think about the loving families they have left behind.

Note to Self: All gave some, some gave all.


Aubrey said...

Thanks MJ from a police wife and Army wife.

Maki said...

You're so right and it's so true, MJ!