Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Territorial Rat

When Panther was younger, I used to seriously discourage his barking - I didn't want to own a yippy dog - and it worked pretty well. But lately, Panther has become very territorial, and he barks like crazy at any noise - in the yard or in the house.

And I know he is just trying to be protective, but he barks at the neighbor going to work every morning. And this neighbor has decided that whenever Panther barks at him, he isn't just going to get in his damn car and drive away, he is going to turn on his car alarm to make him stop. He says he heard somewhere that turning the car alarm on like that would teach him not to bark when he comes out.

Um, yeah. Now he's just used to the car alarm and barks anyway, and then barks MORE when he turns the car alarm on. So now, not only are our immediate neighbors kept up by Panther barking, but the rest of the neighborhood gets a lovely wake up from a car alarm in the morning.



monica said...

there's nothing like well-meaning neighbours with a supercilious attitude.. ( not!)

Danielle said...

I love brilliant people like that!

mrs. fuzz said...

Sounds like a genius. I love how he keeps on doing it.

Anonymous said...

You will have to wake him up with your car alarm at 2 or 3 hours before he leaves the house. And stick the little one on his front porch for a morning greeting.