Friday, April 24, 2009

Note to Readers: HELP!

Good morning, blog buddies,

You guys know it's not very often that I set you on a quest, ask you for favors, or act like the annoying friend who is only a friend because they want money.
I know you guys often oblige my questions, and I definitely enjoy making you laugh and having you around.

Here's the thing (here it comes):

As you all know, my wonderful fiance is a police officer and I adore him and I am so proud of him and I think that he does wonderful things.

As most of you know, I am a part of a wonderful group of women known as
Police Wives Online who support each other in the craziness of the law enforcement life.

Aaaand, as many of you have picked up (or noticed from my rose over there), I am hosting a blogathon to raise funds for Police Wives Online and its HUGS program, as well as some new upcoming programs. (If you would like to
learn more about this program, just hit the HUGS tab at the top of this page.)

What I'm asking is, if you can, head over to the blogathon site
here, read what it is all about, and click the blue rose to donate if you feel moved to support our worthy cause. Also, it would really be a help if you could mention our blogathon efforts on your blogs to help spread the word.

Last year, we raised over $400 with the blogathon, and this year I have set the lofty goal of $1,000. Every little bit counts!

There is also the chance for a rand
om giver to win a prize! That's right, A PRIZE! I'm not sure what it is yet, but I will reveal it during the blogathon and announce the winner once the blogathon is over. I may even do my first ever video blog to announce it!

So if you support us, whether you donate or cheer us on, here is a pretty badge for your blog (just rught click and save, then add to your pages!):
I'm going to thank y'all in advance, because you guys always come through for me when I need you.




Strength Behind the Badge


Maki said...

For you, I'll do anything:) Much Love :)

Crystal said...

As I can't be there to help with the blogging, I will definitely be around to show my support!! I'm gonna Facebook this right now :)

Keith said...

Awite, I'm finally here to drop a comment. Even though the newly repaired 360 is getting the run down, I'll drop by this weekend. ;)

"Beware the Tourists" is in support.