Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Blogathon is ON!

I'm over here today, having fun and raising money!

I hope you will come by, visit me, and donate to a worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

I tried to leave a comment on the other blog, but Blogger lost it, which is a shame because it was really funny. Oh, and Blogger also lost my second comment explaining that it had lost my first comment. And now I have to finish cleaning the house. I'll try and stop by later.

the Grit

Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

Alright, clean house, well, clean enough, so I'll try and replicate my initial comment.

Ooh, good post! It also makes me think that the police would be happier if they stayed away from criminal types and concentrated on normal people. Of course, we'd have to come up with new ticketable offenses.

failure to wave
failure to laugh at officer's joke
passing flowers without stopping to smell them
interrupting officer's funny story
poor choice of ring tone
clothing exceeds fat exposure limits
failure to tip street musician
accessory to mime
first, second, or third degree bad breath
hanging out in a smoking area without lighting up
failure to high five officer
over dressed in nice weather
dancing with impaired sense of rhythm
lack of face paint at sporting event
flirting with officer while ugly
line cutting

You can copy that to the other blog if you like. Good luck with the cause.

the Grit

House Wife said...

Hey MJ,

I blogged about your fundraiser. I put lots of links up so people know where to go! I hope it does well!!


writer chick said...

I did go by and tried to make a comment but for some reason the comment gods didn't like me. It was a hysterical post.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

OMG - how weird is your little hamster??? on my way over to the other site....

MJ said...

The Grit - Sorry about that! I had the anonymous function turned off, but you should be able to hit it up now. It took me forever to figure out the issue...

HouseWife - thanks so much for the shoutout!

WriterChick - I'm not sure why you have issues, since you have an account, but it has been fixed. Thanks for stopping by anyway though - it's the thought that counts right?

NGIP - Thanks for coming over!

colbymarshall said...

Hope you're now catching up on much needed sleep!