Monday, February 9, 2009

Note to Readers

My last writing for the day before I hit the books in my MBA class...

I have updated by blogroll today (FINALLY), so tap that tab up there and see if you made the cut. If you didn't, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.

No. I kid! I kid! Leave me a comment if I left you out. My brain is somewhere else, so I may have missed some of you regulars (I'm already thinking I know I left Franco out, ugh!).

So just go ahead and leave me a note, and I will get it up tomorrow. Really, I mean it this time!


Franco said...

I freaking follow you, comment when I can, and even have a shrine made up of construction paper in the back of my closet just for you, and this what I get? thanks alot.
Just kidding, it happens.

MJ said...

I got you up :)