Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Idea

My MOH's (Maid of Honor for you non-marriage-lingo folks) father enlightened me to the newest "thing" in weddings these days: the groomsmen throwing the bride's lingerie shower. Now I know he was just kidding, but the thought has been stuck in my brain for the last few weeks.

My first thought was oh no no no no no no no, what a disaster that would be!

But then I thought that really you have to accept that these guys are your fiance's best friends, people who know him inside out, and they have probably bonded with you and know your personality some too.

Then I snapped out of it and realized that unless I wanted to receive nothing but garters, hooker shoes, fuzzy handcuffs, or boxes of air, I'll stick with tradition thanks.

What I would probably get a lot of...

I presented the idea to the best man, and he clapped in approval. When I said, "Oh, heck no," I think he got really disappointed. So, I think my MOH may poll them beforehand and take their opinions into consideration, or she may allow them to send something to go along with the girls' gifts.

Note to Self: This should be interesting.


Gladys said...

So why not throw the groom a lingerie shower? That would be REAL interesting. :)

Lucy said...

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Debbie said...

I just can't imagine! I bet those groomsmen could make anyone blush.

Sornie said...

Trust me when I say that lingerie is a waste of money. It's just another obstacle.

teeni said...

Whoa. Keep us posted!

MJ said...

Gladys - Hmmmm... you may have a point.

Lucy - Sounds good to me. Texas anyone?

Debbie - You have no idea with this bunch.

Sornie - True enough.

Teeni - Can do!

Anonymous said...

"I wanted to receive nothing but garters, hooker shoes, fuzzy handcuffs, or boxes of air, I'll stick with tradition thanks."

there is lingerie beyond the things listed here???

colbymarshall said...


SarahM said...

at my friends bridal shower, the moh and bridemaids bought her a few naughty gifts she had to open in front of family.( edible panties fuzzy handcuffs, a little plastic whip- cute stuff that we pretend theyll never use)-- we do it for a laugh.

but a new tradition is thE GROOMSMEN buy a naughty gift for the bride and groom, and that one is usually something that you would NEVER want to discuss with family or his friends. its nice and embarrasing, but its become sort of a rite of passage.

Imagine what HIs buddied would get you!