Monday, February 9, 2009

Adventures in Hair Removal: Part II

So back here, I told you about my courageous attempt at leg waxing and how it actually wasn't too bad. Well, that got me to thinking about the obsession for hair removal and how many different ways there are out there to get rid of your pesky follicles.

There's waxing and shaving of course, but then there's all kinds of laser treatments, creams, and epilator systems. So when Fuel My Blog offered me the opportunity to try one of those As Seen On TV items for hair removal, I jumped at the chance to do it.

So I waited for the coveted item to come in its lovely USPS bubble wrap envelope, and BEHOLD, Smooth Away!

I tore open the package like a kid at Christmas and stared blankly at the sheets of what looked to be sandpaper for about five minutes before I got the nerve to actually try the thing. As I had just gotten my legs waxed, I had no real hair there, so I moved on to one of my arms. I followed the directions really closely, and so here I sit, about a week later, with a few hairless spots on my left arm.

For my lack of leg hair, I made the cop sit still long enough to try it around his ankle, and *tada* it took off all the hair it touched! The hair on my arms is pretty fine, so it didn't quite get it all, but the cop's came out like magic.

The verdict: It was painless (as promised), but it made a mess, and it didn't work as well on my fine hair as it did on the cop's thicker hair. It really dries out your skin, since it is basically an exfoliating system, although they are nice enough to include some lotion in the package to remedy that. I don't foresee the pads lasting very long, so it would cost quite a bit more than disposable razors. It would take quite a while to get rid of all your unwanted hair, as it took me about five minutes just to get rid of a 1x4 inch patch on my arm.

I think it may work better for other people, but this is definitely a time waster for me. I'll stick to shaving since I can cover my legs, underarms, and bikini line in less than five minutes.

Note to Self: Or when I make my first million, I'll just get everything lasered off.


Matt said...

Girl, thats exactly what I need!

Rachel said...

I just saw this infomercial this weekend...glad to hear it actually works.

K Trainor said...

Good to know. Thanks! I always find the 'miracle' products to be disappointing. Back to the razor, (sigh).

K Trainor said...

Good to know. Thanks! I always find the 'miracle' products to be disappointing. Back to the razor, (sigh).

K Trainor said...

Okaaayyyy...? I have no idea why that posted twice. It must've posted while I was typing my URL...?

Franco said...

less than 5?
wow my mom takes like 20, and she's not even that hairy.

Dorkys Ramos said...

I actually tried something like this back in high school (after my cousin recommended it) and you're right: it takes FOREVER and your skin gets ashy. It does leave it really smooth though.

corporalswife said...

I think I'd probably have more fun trying this out on my husband than myself. I wonder if he would buy the "my hair's too thin" excuse? muhahaha!

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I'm waiting for them to come up with a robot to do all that.

the Grit

kweenmama said...

I've never seen that infomercial. I'm with you...lasers!

BTW, I have awarded you the Fabulous blog award on my blog...congrats!

Danielle said...

The real question is: how long will it last? Shaving lasts a day or two, waxing lasts a couple weeks... how long does Smooth Away last? Let us know when you're hairy again!

pure evyl said...

I wonder if it could be mounted on a wall to rub my back on like a bear in the woods.

MJ said...

Matt - LOL

Rachel - Yeah, sort of.

K - Yup. If it sounds too good to be true...

Franco - Hmmm.. maybe she's being super careful...

DR - Yeah, completely smooth, but totally not worth it.

CW - No kidding, I started chasing the cop around the house with it lol.

Grit - That would be nice.

KM - Yeah, when I get the money... thanks for the award!

Danielle - Still pretty smooth and I'm goin on two weeks!

PE - LOL. Hairy back?