Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Thanks to Note to Self

Today is your lucky day or should I say it's your unlucky day, "Note to Self" readers!!!

When I sent this cheesy joke to MJ, I had never imagined I would picked to do a guest blog for her.
I am fairly new to the world of blogging. I started my blog this past April. I only wrote one post. I didn't know what I was doing, so I stopped for 2 months. But writing has always been my true passion, so I decided to give this blogging thing another try

Then one day, I saw MJ's profile photo on someone's blog (key point: I don't remember whose blog it is. LOL). The cute smile on her face made me wanting to stalk her (half joking and half serious. hehehe). I've been a huge fan of her blog ever since then.

I must admit, MJ has taught me many things whether she knows it or not. So, here I am today, using her space to show my gratitude and list the stuff I've learned from miss Note to Self. Good times, reader, good times.

1. She taught me to comment back when someone leaves you a comment. A sense of gratitude for all those who read your blog. And it makes you feel good!!!

2. To be who you are when you blog; not pretend to be someon else because in the end, your blog is you. Just be yourself and people will follow.

3. Never forget humor! Without it, blogs become plain and boring. Yes, boring is bad!! You have to know how to make readers laugh, folks!

-Wait a second, I just realized I sound kind of serious and boring already. What's up with that!? Oh well, but really, MJ is a courageous woman for choosing me with this honor. I'm sure she had doubts and she may still have. But I hope I'm not ruining her vacation with her lovely Honey.

Well, if you'e rading this line, that means at least I got your attention. So, I didn't do that bad of a job, right? Right? Oh, please say "yes".

Now to "Today's Questions".

1. What made you want to start your own blog?
2. What have been your inspirations in writing?

Well, I will set you all free from my senseless babbling here. Our princess will be back on Monday! Yay, yay!

Thank you all and I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!
w/ Love, Sincerely,



pure evyl said...

Those are excellent lessons.As for the questions:

1. I started blogging as a way to harass my brother on his blog. He quit two years ago. I am still hanging in there. Although I have changed blogs.

2. William Faulkner, HP Lovecraft,Shakespeare,Penthouse Forum, and the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

colbymarshall said...

I started my blog because I always would have crazy thoughts that I wanted to jot down so I didn't forget them, or rather, simply to get them out of my head so they'd stop bothering me. Well, I started telling them to some friends, and to my surprise, they thought they were funny. So, I decided if I could make them laugh, maybe I could make others laugh, too.

teeni said...

Nice job, Maki! It was also sweet of you to use your guest post to thank MJ for what you've learned from blogging from her.

1. Hmm - I started blogging as a way to pass time while I was going through treatment. My hubby suggested it and got me hooked.
2. My inspirations are the other wonderful bloggers I meet. Sometimes I write for myself but I also want to socialize with people a bit and blogging is a wonderful way to do it.
Great guest post, Maki! :)

RiverMist said...

maki!!!!!! ahh!!! you're on note to self!!
I started my own blog to put down my everyday random creative thought process, IT STARTED AS a fashion, art, design blog but now it's just everyday creativity.

my everything.!!

livininsanity said...

Umm, where's MJ? I have an attitude of gratitude about the Washington Redskins rocking their way to 4-1.

Dorkys R. said...

Great job Maki and thanks to you I've been introduced to several new blogs out here :)

As for my answers:

I started blogging because after job searching for a year for a position in journalism with no luck, I wanted to make sure I kept practicing my writing so it wouldn't get too rusty. Then it became a place for me to vent, figure things out and just keep my friends updated on what I was going through/ what I found interesting.

My inspirations vary from things I read, see, hear, find online or in the world around me. More often than not, ideas just pop into my head "out of nowhere" or they're derived from whatever I'm feeling at the moment.

K Trainor said...

Oh sure. I make fun of MJ and you go and suck up.

(I'm kidding. Do you see me kidding? I kid.) :D Good lessons in this post. Well done!

I actually started blogging with a vague thought of eventually getting paid to write. I thought a blog would add to my resume. Now I do a combination of ad writing and misc. articles, and I don't think either of my blogs is even ON my resume. lol!

A lot of things inspire me, but my kids are my favorite inspiration. They're funny little beasties. :D

Maki said...

pure evyl: Thanks so much! Harassing my brother - I guess it worked! LOL.

colby: You're very talented person to make people laugh! I've always enjoyed your blog too - it always makes me smile when I feel down.

teeni: Awww thank you so much for your sweet comment. It means so much to me. That's great that your husband suggested to do blogging, I'm sure he's a great support! I agree, blog is a great way to communicate people outside of your nest!

rivemist: Thanks for checking my guest blog. I really appreciate it!!

livininsanity: LOL!!! Yes, Redskins having a pretty good season!!

dorky: hey, hey! Thanks for reading my guest blog. Yes, blogging is a way to release all my thoughts that I have kept inside of me as well.

k trainer: Awww go easy on me! LOL. I know you're kidding (I hope so..) Thanks for all the good advise - it really worked :D