Monday, September 29, 2008

Hollowed Ground

Otherwise known as my "crazy-big and full closet" by female visitors to my apartment...

I often talk about my fetish for shoes and clothes, but I haven't ever shared the gloriousness that is mine. Click the pictures for a better view of the closet and my commentary:

Notice the Stuart Weitzman's in picture two are the only shoes still in a box. They are also still wrapped in the original tissue paper. My mother bought these from Nordstrom for me as my college graduation gift. I have only worn them twice - when I graduated from college and when the cop received his badge. Perhaps I will post a picture of these "spiritual" shoes at a later date.

Also not pictured: my collection of huge travel bags; a roll-away set of drawers for scarves, gloves, clutch purses and belts; the section of closet that houses all my winter coats; upper storage shelves full of linens, suitcases, boxes of collectibles, and other things.

Note to Self: I fear the day that I move from this apartment into my roomie's new house. I'll be getting a much smaller closet, so what am I to do with all my pretty things?


~alison said...

So jealous! Your closet is incredibly organized. Hey, I just got the best idea....Why don't you come to LA for a visit and you can organize MY closet! Sounds good, huh? See you soon! : )

KPDWife said...

This sorta reminds me of my closet... except i have to share mine w/ DH Boo!

I have my tops organized by spaghetti straps, tank, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweater too.

Although I like your hanging cubby thing... I might steal that idea from ya!

I wish we were neighbors, and that we wore teh same size shoe.. lol

pure evyl said...

26 pairs of flip flops? You are the Imelda Marcos of flip flops.

pure evyl said...

But in a nice way.

teeni said...

I think your closet is bigger than my bathroom. Seriously. I used to have tons of shoes when I was younger and I could have used your organization skills. Yup - I'm jealous! ;)

colbymarshall said...

Look at how organized you are! It puts my shoes-thrown-in-corner to shame ;-)

MJ said...

Alison - You buy the ticket, and I am THERE.

KPD - Yeah, I don't know what DBF is going to do with all his stuff. There's no way we'll fit both of ours into one closet. The hanging cubby I got from Target. I think it's shabby-chic brand.

PE - Yes, well, you know. Somehow I just accumulated them all. But really, I only wear like two pairs on a regular basis.

Teeni - I think it is as big as my bathroom. It's not as organized as you think - it's just that everything is shoved in drawers. Plus, I had to spiff it up for the picture lol.

CM - You should see the rest of my room though. D stole my clothes hamper, so now everything ends up on the floor.