Monday, September 29, 2008

Pay It Forward

About two weeks ago, Alison held a little contest at her blog for three commenters to win a cute pair of her handmade earrings. It is all part of a free "pay it forward" thing that someone started out in the blogosphere. I shamelessly played along and won! Woohoo!

Well, this Saturday I went to my mailbox assuming I would find the usual - either nothing or a stack of bills. Instead, I had a little yellow envelope shoved inside my tiny lockbox.

And inside that envelope was the cute pair turquoise earrings that Alison had sent me. Well of course I couldn't just put them away, I had to wear them immediately! I flaunted them the next day and got plenty of compliments from friends and family. I didn't get a picture of myself sadly, but I did pose them with a flower clip and my favorite pair of Enzo's so that you could see how cute they are.

Well, now it's my turn to pay it forward. Since I have absolutely no discernible craft ability, and I really don't have any money that I can just give away, I have come up with a little idea to pass on the good feeling.

This weekend, the cop and I are going to Charleston to celebrate our five years together. We'll be leaving on Friday and coming back Sunday, which means that for three whole days my blog will be sadly left unattended. I would like to be able to give three bloggers the chance to do guest blogs during this time (a first for me).

This means that, should you take the challenge and be chosen, you must find a way to pay it forward to three more individuals. You will be assigned to a day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) to post your creation on my blog, and we will figure out together the easiest way to get it posted.

To be entered into this little contest, please leave the cheesiest one-liner joke you can think of in the comments. (For example: What kind of money does a cow use? Moo-lah!) The three people who make me laugh the hardest win.

Note to Self: Submissions will be take up until 10AM Thursday, October 2. Winner will be announced by noon. You only get one submission, so make it a good one!


~alison said...

Yay! I am glad you like them. Thanks for passing on the goodness!

Helen said...

A grasshopper walks into a bar and sits down.
The bartender says, "You know we have a drink named after you."
The grasshopper says, "Really, you have a drink named Steve?"

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy.

And, yes, I know it's true but it's still funny.

the Grit

Matt said...

I've read this post twice today...

and I feel retarded...

because I still dont understand?

Im supposed to type a joke? then a post, then help people?

Is alcohol involved in any way?

MJ said...

Alison - :D No - thank you!

Helen - Good one lol

Grit - That IS funny.

Matt - That's all there is to it. You tell a joke, and if it makes me laugh, I'll pick you to do a guest post. And then you have to do something nice for three other people. Alcohol could be involved.

teeni said...

oh man - I am so bad at jokes. I always mess them up. But here is one from my great niece: How do you make a hankie dance? Put a little boogie in it. Now if I don't win it will not be mine, but my little five year old niece's heart that you break. And you will have to live with that. ;) And yes, I am starting to take contests a little too seriously. LOL.

Maki said...

This is not cheesy funny nor one line joke, but here goes.

A couple is getting ready to go out one night; BF looks at his GF who's getting dress and says, "I don't know why you wear a bra, you've got nothing to put in it."

GF looks at him and says,
"You wear pants, don't you?"

~alison said...

I have to say Maki's made me laugh the most....

Matt said...

telling jokes is easy...

being nice isnt my stong suit.

kidcuisine said...

Okay, I don't know you from Adam, but here goes: Heck is where people go who don't believe in Gosh.

colbymarshall said...

Did you hear the one about the Indian who left the hotel because he didn't have a reservation?

MJ said...

Teeni - Oh! Pulling out the old "but my kid is the cutest" card.. darn you!!

Maki - LOL. Good one!

Matt - Then I guess you won't win this one :D

KC - That's pretty good! Thanks for stopping by!

CM - Wow. That was really bad lolololol.

colbymarshall said...

Hey, you're the one who said one liner :D I aim to please :-)

K Trainor said...

How do you catch a unique animal?
Unique up behind him.

And my kids would throw in part 2:

How do you catch a tame animal?
The tame way.