Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Recap

So as I stated in my lovely away message that I left for you, I was visiting the fam in Jacksonville this weekend.

There was plenty of food and fun to be had, and I finally got to spend some time with the James-es. There's my brother James "Skip," my step-cousin (or what I like to call a "bonus" cousin) James from Idaho, and my lovely little nephew James "Jimmy" who was the total highlight of the trip for me.

I took some photos to show you just how easily a pair of dark brown eyes and the dubbing of "Auntie M" (har, har) can suck you into some gushy feelings of true love. Then you remember that they poop a lot and how you can't have anything displayed below waist height unless you want it pulled over, broken, smacked repeatedly, and/or thrown:
Here's "Jim-Bo" with his gorgeous mama (yes, I hate her for being that skinny after having a child too). Then here's "The Jimster" with his pop (my brother). Man, have we grown up fast. I don't think I ever imagined my brother having a child, much less how naturally fatherhood came to him. Finally, here's the newest addition to the family in the pool with his grampa. I'll end the post with a view of the fireworks in Jacksonville from our boat out in the river. If you've never been to Jacksonville to see the fireworks, you really should go. I recommend the New Year's or Christmas fireworks. I hope your holiday was as good as mine!

Note to Self: Sorry Colby! Sometimes the mind readers are just so cute!


Anonymous said...

Auntie M! Ha ha ha. Sorry, still thinking about Auntie M and wondering how I have to spell it in google to return my desired results...

MJ said...

Livin - Try "phrases made obnoxious by old movies". You're guaranteed to have it come up.