Saturday, June 25, 2011


So not a whole lot has changed in the past year, except the cop and I both have gotten promoted since my "solongfarewell" blog post.

For me, this means that I get the blessing of higher pay, benefits, and a 45 minute commute. For the cop, it means he got new patches and brass pins for his shirt, more people call him "sir," and he deals with "customer" complaints regarding his underlings. Oh and he also got what most of us with half a brain would call a swift punch in the gut, but which police departments mistakenly named a "raise". Huh.
Starting to understand the title of this blog post?

Yes, dear blog friends, I have become quite a cynical being. I think I felt it during the end of my last tenure here, and this is what made me feel that I had come to the end of my writing days. For certainly the old adage - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all - applied in this scenario. I guess it just took me about a year to realize I needed a good outlet for this ugliness so that it wouldn't spill over into my everyday attitude. And also the fact that.... well... it's my freaking blog, and I can write what I want, so there.

So, no, I will never go back to my five posts a day like in the beginning. Unlike then, I in fact like my job. And while the everyday nonsense it is prone to present is precious blog fodder, I don't feel the need to waste time here instead of actually working. But hopefully the posts I do present to you will enlighten you to the life of MJ and her piggy hubby and that you will find some connection (or not) and have an emotional upheaval of sorts (or not). All I ask is that you keep me on my toes, kids. And put up with me calling you all "kids". It's kinda my thing.

And an FYI: The ultimate cynic's holiday is coming soon! I will be reviving Slap A Moron Day for your slapping pleasure on July 1st, 2012! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Note to Self: The next post will be the ultimate cynical piece of writing, in the classic style of Note to Self. Can you handle it?! Maybe.

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Meadowlark said...

well ya know... sometimes life really does kick ya in the teeth, but a toothless wh*re is often quite popular.

That was the only words of wisdom I could think of. Oh Gawd how inappropriate. :)