Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Did You Just Call Me??

Oh, Steve, Steve, Steeeeve. What were you thinking, my friend?

I'm all about some iPod. It sounds all new age-y and futuristic. But in naming your most recent invention, I imagine the staff meeting going something like this...

"Everyone I am happy to announce our newest product to make kids bother their parents non-stop and adults go even more in debt."

A hush falls over the group.

"We have taken the iPod Touch and given it steroids."

A round of gasps rolls through the room as Steve pulls out the new tablet.
"I call it... the iPad."

Every man in the room jumps to his feet with a roar of applause. The meeting adjourns with the few women in the room still sitting, mouth agape, in shock.

You know, I am only assuming there were women in the room. To your benefit, it may be a good idea to pretend there weren't and call it a SNAFU.

Note to Self: Really... Steve? Really...


Meadowlark said...

EXACTLY what my daughter thought.

and I go in Wednesday for a final interview and job offer (sigh. don't want it really. am enjoying being unemployed) as tech support on the thing.

corporalswife said...

Funny! That is EXACTLY what I thought. Every time I hear the name I think of feminine hygene. Yes, I think I'll pass on this onw, even though it's way cool.

Maki said...

Oh this is hilarious - I didn't think about that until I read this post! Ha Ha:D

Sornie said...

I keep thinking that Paris Hilton will try to stuff on in her non-existent panties and complain that it isn't soaking things up.

colbymarshall said...

Yes, it is quite unfortunate to say the least. Ugh.