Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gearing Up for Christmas

While Kris Kringle takes advantage of the lack of child-labor laws in the North Pole, I am realizing that we, in fact, only have a week until Christmas. You would think that, me working in retail and all, I would understand the last minute rush for gifts and I, surely, would have completed my holiday shopping. Only one problem. I work while all the stores are open. So no, I haven't completed any of my holiday shopping, except for the majority of the goodies that will be filling up my hubbies stocking.

The weather here in the styx is also taking a turn toward the chilly side, meaning rain and cold and cold rain. No snow though. No. We wouldn't want to have any fun in the wet weather, would we? No, we just want to be just warm enough to not get any of the white stuff for the holidays (and be just cold and wet enough to freeze off our ta-tas at the end of shift).

At the beginning of the holiday season, I thought Hmm, hooray! A new home, a first Christmas, holiday spirit abounds! Now I am thinking Bah, humbug! A cold home, an empty wallet (hence, the cold home), holidays come with too many expectations! I mean, this season is the number one time for burgluries, armed robberies, theft, AND domestic violence. Just last week the cop caught a guy who held up a Waffle House with a machete. Seriously, who can get in the mood for giving with that kind of crap going on?
Regardless, dear bloggers, on Christmas Eve I shall snuggle up in my eight blankets, alone as usual since the cop is working. I will be watching sappy Hallmark movies and revisiting old classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life. I will have my customary hot chocolate in hand and my faithful pups at my side. I will be looking forward to seeing what good ol' Saint Nick brings me Christmas Day. And I will sleep with my trusty revolver at my side in case any false Santa's come snoopin' around.

For all its faults, life is pretty good. And until the big day, I am going to try to get in the Christmas spirit for the sake of every frazzled customer than comes in my store. Unless they're a jerk. Then all bets are off.

Note to Self: Jingle bells, Batman smells....


Meadowlark said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

My Christmas spirit is pretty down, but mostly because I've already spent my money (in my head at least) on the upcoming wedding of YoungSon, so I set a tiny limit on gifts this year ($50 each) and it was easy to get that spent in a moment. :)

Did make chex mix last night and drank Tom & Jerry's. Hope you find your holiday elixer.

Sornie said...

Not a bad way to spend Christmas at all. I, for one, hope that "Wonderful Life" is replayed. I always like that movie.

colbymarshall said...

I adore that pic of the frosties, heehee :-)

Free Cash said...