Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back By Popular Demand!

Note to Self is back online!

Whew! So let me give you a quick update on the complete craziness that is my life. And just for old time sake, let's make it a top ten list! So I give you...

The Top 10 Crazy Things That Have Happened to MJ

(10) We finally got into the house, and FINALLY got our internet up and running.
(9) I have acquired a taste for red wine, especially old vine zin. I blame this on my fellow police wives.
(8) I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (Side note: meh.)
(7) I have gotten settled into my new job as a retail sales associate, and I think I am liking it a little too much.
(6) The cop's benefits have been taken away, given back, taken away, and then partly given back. The city has seriously been jerking us around.
(5) Panther is still a brat, and now he has a big brat brother in the house to conspire against us with.
(4) I have just passed the two-months-left-to-go mark for our wedding, and I am realizing how much still needs to be done. Ack.
(3) However, my bachelorette party has been completely planned for months, reservations and all.
(2) I finally finished my Masters in Business (with honors) and am readily awaiting the arrival of another worthless piece of very expensive paper to hang on the office wall.

(1) My mother, my rock, was diagnosed with (luckily) early stage breast cancer and is awaiting the results so they can recommend treatment.

That last one is a bit of a mood killer, but I thought you had the right to know what has kept me so long from you, my loyal fans and friends.

You shall be my (hopefully, regular) outlet over the next few weeks as I recover from the majority of these events and move into a more bright and glorious future. Well, bright and glorious when seen through a glass tinted with red wine... because it's turned up... and I'm drinking it... ALL of it.

I do have to say thank you to all of you who left messages here, sent me email messages, posted on my facebook, and stalked me in other places on the web. I have missed you. I hope to get around to my fellow bloggers soon!

Note to Self: I have so many things to write about! What do I choose first?


Tulaloo said...

welcome back!

Have you tried Gnarly Head old vine zin? Love it.

Maki said...

awwww you're BACK!!!! I'm so happy! :) I missed you so much, MJ!

Also, my prayers are with you and your mom and the fam - I hope everything is okay!


Mrs. Deputy said...

Welcome Back MJ.. I have been wondering what happened to you... Sorry to hear about your mom and I can believe its soo close to the wedding :)

colbymarshall said...

Am so glad you're back. I haven't been blogging as frequently as I should either, but hey, it's always here when we come back :-) Love you!

Janelle said...

So glad I found you on FB! :)

Your mom is in my prayers. I too found out in June that my dad had cancer. However, he recently had surgery and it has all been removed. God is watching and listening!

Nice to hear from "Note To Self" again!

FrancoB. said...

omg, i wish your mom the best of luck!
glad u r back.
IT'S MJ BITCH, sorry i had to say it.

FrancoB. said...

oh by the way I'm having giveaway on my blog, hope you enter!

Ashley said...

She's returned!!!
Wishing your family and your Mom the best. Prayers for her health!

VE said...

Just so you are aware, your blog has been officially spoofed on my blog. Yes, your time has come. So sorry for you. Hahaha

thevinylvillage said...

Congrats on the good stuff and big hugs for the not-so-good.

Glad to have you back!

kweenmama said...

Congrats on getting your Masters. And I hope all goes well with your mom. Oh, and welcome back!