Saturday, August 29, 2009

All About the Job

So these past few months have been super-hectic working out the whole lay-off thing and emotionally swinging my Louisville Slugger in a new career direction: retail.

This past week, I went and interviewed with the district manager for our stores to try and get a promotion into an entry management position that just came open in my store. The interview went well, and I'm hoping to hear something about it early this coming week. Cross your fingers for a promotion (and a pay raise, woohoo!).

Speaking of jobs, the cop is finding himself more and more beat down these days with crazy calls, rude people, and desperate criminals. I even saw a bumper sticker in town today that summed it all up: "Crime Doesn't Pay. And Neither Does Our Police Department."

He recently visited the site of the killing of a fellow officer and was overcome with emotion - mostly rage. I hated to hear him so angry about something, but I understood where it was coming from. He said he could see where the officer had been shot through the door. He could see that the drug dealer who shot him had obviously been crouching down, hiding, like a coward, because of the way the bullet came through the door. It also showed great restraint, I think, that the officers standing behind their fallen comrade did not shoot the bastard.

I think sometimes even I don't give these guys enough credit for the restraint they often show in their line of work. Because seriously, I couldn't do it. The first woman whose infant child I found out of a car seat in a moving vehicle would become the object of a serious bitch-slapping. I'm pretty sure I would be in jail, especially since car seat violations are the least of their worries as officers.

In closing, I give you a little bit of Paul Harvey:

Note to Self: Kiss the cop regularly. Remind him he does a good job that no one else is willing to do.


kweenmama said...

I always get angry when I hear someone bad mouth policemen. My dad was a policman until he became a full-time firefighter. It is such a thankless job. Tell your cop that I, for one, appreciate the job he does.

Cary said...

I agree. Cops have a tough job and get paid squat, just like teachers. I can't think of a more powerful statement about our society's values and priorities. It's sickening.