Saturday, February 7, 2009

Note to God:

My credit card, which art maxed,
Scissors be thy bane,
Thy bill will come,
My money gone,
In my account,
as it is in savings.

Give me this day, my weekly paycheck,
and pay off my debt,
as I make those who owe me give me my damn money.
Lead me not into temptation,
but deliver me from Nordstrom.

For that's where the shoes are.
Michael Kors' and Jimmy Choo's.
Now forever eating...



Dorkys Ramos said...

LOL!! I'm seriously feeling your pain too.

Franco said...

everyone is boke, lame economy,

The crazy Shaw Family said...

Hee hee! you are hysterical!
I love it!

Gladys said...

This is great I love it.

teeni said...

LOL. Now we know where you spend your money, er credit. ;)