Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woeful Wednesday

Good morning. For those of you who care, I did get my midterm finished and turned in on time. When I finally got to the last question, I was so tired of doing it. I totally botched that question, but y'know what? Don't care.

Okay, on to the post.

The financial crisis going on in this country is widespread. People are finding it hard to buy even the basic necessities on incomes that aren't changing with the rapidly rising cost of living.

Last night, while I was putting my groceries away, there came a quiet knock of my front door. I opened it and heard a tiny voice say, "I'll work for milk."

This sad situation led me to investigate the further deprivation of poor kitties in the neighborhood. I found kittens that were homeless living in cardboard boxes.

Or some left out in the cold entirely.

Some were resorting to suicide.

Or even violence.

Dear friends, it is only a matter of time before they turn to terrorism.

So with the upcoming holiday season, remember that, while you may not have as many presents under the tree this year, you are really wealthy if you have a warm home and people that care about you.

You could also think about adopting a furry friend as a family gift.

Note to Self: But remember that when you adopt one of these creatures, you automatically become a slave and part of their diabolical plan for world domination.


Mahala said...

Awww..starting the morning with kitties :)

kpdwife said...

sooooo cute!
Maybe Santa will bring Panther a "furry feline friend" this year :) LOL

But - I agree... we all need to keep in mind this holiday season to take it easy, enjoy the blessings that we have and just focus on family and friends instead of the more materialistic stuff that the holiday season has become!

Happy Wednesday :)

Maki said...

OMG!!!! What is that cat holding the buckets!?!?!?! TOO CUTE, I can't stand it! I am a cat person and I always enjoy the pics on your posts...

These cats are too much to handle..
"I'll work for milk.." - I would have her in a heartbeat!!!

teeni said...

Aw, that was adorable! Nice job, MJ. And I love your family gift suggestion about adopting one. :)

desireemariecampos said...

ahahaha That was great... I needed a laugh. and I have my fill of kittys we just recently got one and she is a Holy terror Just like the kidlets...haha Fits right in!

Happy Weds to you!

Matt said...

awww, poor kitties.

colbymarshall said...

Kittens make the world go 'round.

VE said...

That last one would make a nice furniture duster! Kidding!! Just kidding....sheesh.

bobbinoggin said...

awww... that was adorable! love the kittehs.

and with the midterm. i have a saying i used when in college.

"done is better than good".

Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

A very inspiring post that, did we not already have 4 cats, would make me consider adding another one to our household.

Oh, and I hate the comment popup window.

Mister Manly

kpdwife said...

Oh... I meant to add that I really like the new comment popup window.

merc3069 said...

I SO needed that today, thanks!

Dorkys R. said...

Awwww they're all such cutie petuties!! I'd totally keep them...if I wasn't so allergic. Boo!

pure evyl said...

The one in the box was actually my lunch delivery. They must have delivered to the wrong address.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite is the kitty left out in the cold. Who could resist THAT face???

Loved this post!

K Trainor said...

If the kitties ever form an alliance with the mind readers and the evil chickens, we are so screwed.

MJ said...

Mahala - Of course, how else would I start the day :)

KPD - Sadly, my roommate is allergic, but when the cop and I get a place (hopefully soon!), I'm adopting a kitty definitely.

Maki - As would I hon. I'm a sucker for animals.

Teeni - Thanks!

DMC - Aw! I want one so badly!

Matt - Right, poor diabolical kitties.

CM - Oh yes they do. And puppies make the sun rise every day...

VE - Lol. When Panther has his coat grown out, I roll him over and push him around on the floor... very absorbent puppies are...

BN - The cop used to say that about his grades. If he got a D in a class, he would say, "Well, D means done." :D

MM - Sorry man. You're gonna have to get used to it. It makes my life a million times easier, and I'm just selfish that way.

KPD - Thanks :)

Merc - You're welcome!

Dorky - Aw. That stinks. My roomie is allergic, but she likes dogs better anyway.

PE - You're so awful! That's why I like you though.

KM - No kidding. That face could convince me to do very bad things probably. Thanks!

K Trainor - No kidding.