Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quotable Lyrics

When you're feeling lonely, lost and let down
Seems like those dark skies are following you around
And life's just one big shade of gray
You wonder if you'll see the light of day

I've heard it said that this too shall pass
Good times or bad times, neither one lasts
But thinking that your luck won't ever change
Is like thinking it won't ever stop once it starts to rain

Behind the clouds, the sun is shining
Believe me, even though you can't quite make it out
You may not see the silver lining
But there's a big blue sky waiting just behind the clouds

Behind the Clouds, Brad Paisley

Note to Self: Just felt like spreading some good karma this morning. Don't forget about my Pay It Forward contest! It ends at 10AM!


Maki said...

Oh MJ, this is exactly what I needed!

I'm @ work using my BB trying to catch up w/ my blog world!

Thanks so much for your sweetest comment - it put a smile on my face :D


SarahM said...

thanks for that.
having a sad day. so thanks for the extra love.