Thursday, October 2, 2008

Note to Self:

For my Pay It Forward winners, I'm making an executive decision...

Okay, here's how the schedule will go:

Tomorrow/Friday - K Trainor
Saturday - Maki
Sunday - Colby

I have already emailed you guys invitations to come and contribute. If you click on the links in your emails, it will take you to the main blogger page for you to sign into your blogger account. Simply login as normal into blogger (K Trainor, I know you're normally on Wordpress, but you should have a blogger login since you have a blogger profile. If not, then simply create a temporary account to log in). You should be able to log on and make a new post as normal. Just make sure to click "Publish" when you're done for your post to appear.

You can also write a post in email, like I said earlier, some time before tomorrow (Friday) at noon and email it to me at, and I'll schedule for it to appear on your assigned day.

I won't really have access to my blog for the weekend after noon on Friday, but I will try to check in if I can find somewhere to do so. This is my first time having guest bloggers, so I'm just as new to this as you all are. If you can't figure out how to post, DON'T PANIC.

If you can't figure it out while I'm gone, we'll get your post up when I get back. And all will be well with the world :)

Good luck!


K Trainor said...

Aye-Aye, Cap'n. :)

~alison said...

Congrats, everyone!! Can't wait to read the guest posts!