Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And there he was.

I was standing in a dark room, a glow of light coming from somewhere beyond the door in front of me. A revolver was swinging wildly, hanging from a string attached to the ceiling above my head. I stood mesmerized by the motion and the shine of the barrel. I heard heavy breathing and then the cryptic words "well, I almost killed her" coming dreamily from somewhere behind me.

I ran, through the glowing door and into… darkness? Where was the light from before?

I appeared at her house, knowing she had been shot by the hidden man who had spoken to me from the shadows. She was missing the back of her head. She was childlike from the brain damage. Her mother assured me that she would physically recover, and hopefully recover her memory so that we could find her predator. She cooed at me and stared blankly in my direction. I rubbed her hand and told her everything would be okay.

It wouldn’t. I was panicked. Had her would-be killer seen me fully? Did he know who I was? Would he be coming after me?

Time moved forward quickly. I never saw the break of day. I was back at her house, in the yard. Something rustled in the bushes beside me, and I took off running. The rush of adrenaline sent me leaping over the south fence and into the neighbor’s driveway. Thank goodness, a red truck was pulling in with a load full of people. If something or someone were chasing me, it would be stalled by these people.

A man stared back at me from the passenger seat. “You okay?” came a woman’s voice beside me. I couldn’t answer. I was fixated on the man still sitting in the truck beyond the headlights when he said “why, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” A smirk.

That voice. I recognize that voice.

I took off again, sprinting in the direction of her house, my chest crushing under the exhaustion. I burst through the front door and ran down a long hallway to the only lit room in the house. The family had gathered there, and they didn’t seem surprised at all by my sudden entrance. She came walking through the hallway behind me. I ran to her as she approached. I grabbed her shoulders, and told her urgently “I know who it was that tried to kill you.”

She softly said, “me too.”

And there he was.


I woke up in a cold sweat feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me. Panther woke at the sound of my stirring, licked my hand knowingly, and readjusted before going back to sleep. The cop was breathing heavily next to me. As I rolled closer to him, my eyes were caught by the glow of the night sights on the gun that he had placed on the table next to him. There’s not a safer feeling in the world than that.

Note to Self: No more chili cheese fries before bed. Happy October everyone!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Very, very nice.

The Incredible Woody said...

Wow - you sure are good at remembering your dreams!!

Maki said...

Wow... Incredible that you remember the dream w/ so much detail. I could totally feel it :D

Happy October to you too!

Anonymous said...

Dang it!!!! Eat some more chili fries tonight. I want to know
what happened next

K Trainor said...

Good Gravy! No wonder you were creeped out!

So...? Did you remember who owns the voice? Gonna share?

P.S. You ARE a writer. Yes you are.

dougsbike said...

you know Dr. Hardy drives a red truck.....

teeni said...

Wow. That was a dream? Or just a piece of writing? Because it sure was good writing. :)

Peter Parkour said...

That was one spoOoOoOoOoky dream. I don't have too many of those. Heck, I don't have many dreams at all. Or at least not many I can remember.

K Trainor said...

Well don't leave us hanging, woman!

MJ said...

KC - Thanks!

TIW - Well, it was a really vivid one. Usually I don't remember them.

Maki - I only remember some dreams this way. Most I forget within and hour of waking up.

TPB - No way man! I almost peed in my jammies! No way am I going to try and induce a dream like that.

K Trainor - I don't remember. I remember that it was a white guy with lots of blonde poofy hair, and I remember that I recognized him as someone that I knew from normal life, but that's it. Sucks because I don't have an ending, I just woke up, and I'm not creative enough to come up with an ending.

DB - LOL. I don't think he was the killer. Although, the whole preacher thing would be a good cover up for a serial killer.

Teeni - Thanks! But it really was a dream.

PP - Eat heartburn inducing food before bed, and you should start having them in no time.

SarahM said...

i love seeing the gun on the nightstand :)