Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh yes, I am.

Midterm exams are upon me, so I've been doing a ridiculous amount of studying in my free time.

I'm still in super job search mode, and I'm having no luck whatsoever. I'm either way under-qualified or way over-qualified, and trust me I've looked EVERYWHERE in this area (up to one hour commute time) for a job. I think companies refuse to bring their business here because it smells like paper mill. It doesn't help that the entire state of Georgia is in a hiring freeze, so there aren't even any government positions available...

I'm not even that picky! Just someone who would pay me for more than a highschool diploma and less than a finished masters degree! So far, I have applied to three positions - one that has already rejected my application, one that is still in process, and the other I just filled out today. I have a few "if I have to" jobs lined up, but I really don't want to have to resort to those...

My pay cut is looming (2 weeks), my classes are in full swing, I'm about to move from my apartment, I have no sturdy job prospects, I'm getting very little sleep, and my face is rebelling against me by having the worst outbreak of acne in years. I would say it couldn't get worse, but I'd rather not jinx myself.

I can't wait for me and the cop to go away this weekend. I really need it badly.

Don't forget about my "pay it forward" contest to be a guest blogger - read this post and just leave a joke in the comments there to enter!

Note to Self:
I usually respond to stress with alcohol and violence... what do you guys do?

Doodle graphic from Rick @ Organized Doodles.


Rick said...

Woah! I sounds like that doodle WAS meant for you. Thanks for using it and for the link. Hang in there kid-o. It doesn't get any better, but the numbness last a little bit longer.

kweenmama said...

You will come back from your weekend rejuvenated and ready to kick the butt of anyone who gets in your way (at least weekends away always work that way for me).

I like your little contest but won't have time to do much blogging this weekend either. It looks like you have some good contestants to choose from though.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I respond to stress with alcohol, junk food, procrastinating, and watching lots of my favorite movies. Surprisingly enough, I respond to lack of stress the same way with the exception of the movie part. I begin to suspect that I'm in a rut.

Don't forget to check for jobs at the lower levels of Government. Often when the State cuts back city and county governments have to pick up the slack. Another tip about government jobs is to take anything you can get, as they often have a lot of positions that are only open to internal promotion.

On the other hand, I bet you'd make a fine community organizer :)

the Grit

~alison said...

I feel ya! I am super stressed too! What types of jobs are you looking for?

I respond to stress by eating (hence the ED), bottling it up inside (which I am working on), walking (which I am about to go do before I have to study), yoga, and some traditional ole herb. Sometimes, that is the best cure.

MJ said...

Rick - I think you subconsciously drew it for me lol. Numbness huh? I thought that was the tequila...

Kweenmama - I hope I feel rejuvenated. Usually vacations leave me feeling like I need another vacation lol.

Grit - Thanks for the advice, but I've already checked city, county, and surrounding counties. No one is hiring here. Community organizer eh? Hmmm... MJ for President sounds good :D

Alison - Tub of Ben and Jerry's here I come! Awwww.... the only ice cream I have in the freezer is soy vanilla... does that mean I can get away with eating more of it???

Matt said...

Who deosn't like the smell of paper mills?

K Trainor said...

Hang in there, Toots. It'll all work out one way or another. *hug*

MJ said...

Matt - Apparently a lot of people in my town don't. I work across the street from one. I work in printing, so the smell of a paper mill smells like money to me... no not really. It smells like rotten eggs (think sulfur).

K Trainor - Aww thanks!