Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to the Zoo

Now that I have my blog roll off the front page, I now have a little more freedom with adding blogs to it. So today, I'm adding three new awesome bloggy women:

Hidden Mahala, whose hilarious work stories will give you a reason to love your horrible job.

W/Love Sincerely, whose blogging is a lot like mine - totally random but full of good stuff!

Writer Chick Talks, whose posts highlight the good, not so good, and hysterical in life.

Note to Self: Welcome ladies - don't stick your fingers in the llama cage.


writer chick said...

Hey MJ!
Wow thanks for the linky love and the nice review. I'll have to check your new additions as well. I'll be adding you over at my place too - and it's not that I feel obligated I want to. I'm just lazy at getting around to these things, you know?

And btw, where did you get those little fishies swimming on your home page? I want some. ;)

MJ said...

WC -
You're very welcome, and here's where I got the fish:


Make sure to click edit settings so you can change the colors and stuff before adding it to your blogger :)
The abowman.com site also has some other widgets, including other animals that are pretty neat. Enjoy!

Maki said...

I'm so honored - Thank you so much, MJ!!! You've made my day!

BTW, I just tagged you. he he.. Oh I hope you'll enjoy this game.


colbymarshall said...

Nice llama reference :o)

pure evyl said...

I have known Annie for ages. I will go ahead and give your other friends a hello. Hopefully, I won't scare them.

BTW, I had to post one of those spiders from abowman. I was too lazy to write a post tonight and they are so cute.

K Trainor said...

Woooo fresh reads! I love it when you recommend people--so much easier for us lazy folk than surfing through blah blogs. :D

MJ said...

Maki - Sweet! Tag! I'll jump right on that today!

CM - Gotta slip them in there when I can.

PE - I don't think I've ever heard the word "cute" used to describe a spider, but it is pretty neat.

KTrainor - Glad I could be of service :D