Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Etsy (Now with update!)

Let me just start this post by saying that I've always kind of thought of myself as a semi-creative person. I love scrapbooking, I can draw decently well (especially after taking a drawing class in college), I adore making ceramics, and I'm sharp with a camera most of the time.

But when you find creative places like Etsy stores, it generally makes your "creativity" feel like the crap your mom posted on the fridge when you were in kindergarten.

Here are three Etsy stores that I would totally splurge extra money on.. you know.. if I had extra money:

Little Ellie
School of Charms
Nice Day Designs

All three are crazy genius at what they do and are affordable to boot.

Note to Self: *sigh*

*UPDATE: I have added these shops to a Shops I Love list on my blog roll page.


colbymarshall said...

Um, so, I'm ashamed of myself now. I should be burned at the not creative stake.

KPDWife said...

I've always thought "to boot" was a funny thing to say.. lol

you made me chuckle :)

Helen said...

I love, love Etsy. I got a great reusable coffee filter at one of the stores.

I have so many things I'd love to sell there, but I look at the other stores and just don't feel that I make anything well enough!

Significant Snail said...

Oh how I love Etsy...I keep telling myself that one day I will open up a shop on Etsy. When I have that spare time to get organized and do it...*sigh*....

Maki said...

OMG - I love your pick MJ!!! They're all beautifully crafted and so cute! I'm actually in the making of hair accessory, etc and it makes me realize "Hmmm, I have a long way to go.." sigh..
Thanks for your post!!!

lhansen said...

Bless your sweet little self darling! Thank you so much for the fabulous boost! Yer the Bestest!

MJ said...

CM - I know! That's how I feel!

KPD - Glad I could send you a giggle today :)

Helen - Reusable coffee filter eh? I'll have to look that up...

SS - True. I guess I really don't have the time to be creative either.

Maki - I know. These people are crazy good!

LH - You're welcome :D

DES said...

MJ...I discovered Etsy a few months back while cruising for wedding dresses/accessories for my Renaissance wedding....I was amazed at the very talented peeps out there! I love the jewelry ones....'oooo..shiny must have!'


Thanks for the budget blower :)