Friday, September 5, 2008

Things that already made me happy today:

Panther snuggling under the covers early this morning.

My roomie calling me at work to vent about someone acting stupid (thereby making me laugh).

My new haircut worked out perfect.

I can't wait to continue my good book during lunch break.

I'm getting to be creative at work today.

I'm pretending to work, but actually blogging.

Responding to my blog reader comments always cheers me up.

Note to Self: It's the little things.


colbymarshall said...

Things that have already made me happy today:
-eating a cinnamon roll for breakfast, complete with icing.
-getting an email from a friend
-reading your blog!

SarahM said...


Maki said...

NICE!!!! Yes, the little wonders do the trick, don't they?

MJ said...

CM - Mmmmm, cinnamon rolls....

SM - :) *blush*

Maki - Oh yes, they do. Thanks goodness, or I'd be in a loony bin.

Peter Parkour said...

Show up to work late... check.

Spend rest of day blogging... check.

Girl... you are BAD!!! ;)

MB said...

Things that make my day...
-Foster parents that call the director over lost hangers
-Calling my roomie to bitch about said foster parent
-Showing up on roomie's blog for said bitching about said foster parent

Yeah, I think that kinda does it.
Oh yeah, I like cinnamon rolls too.

MJ said...

PP - Don't you know it!

MB - 20 for $1 hangers *chuckle*