Friday, September 19, 2008

Post of the Week!

Here's the very first edition of Post of the Week!

With this series, I'm hoping to highlight a great post from a blogger each week. Most of the posts will probably come from people on my blogroll, since I read them the most religiously, but I may fall over something good out in the blogosphere too.

So I give you....

This week, Trailer Park Barbie has been on a roll with her posts!
On Monday, I highlighted her post on anger management.

But a different post on her blog has won my heart for post of the week. Check out this post she did on the new "church" she's starting. You absolutely have to watch the second video. I almost peed in my desk chair when I watched it!

Enjoy, blog readers, and congrats to TPB for having the Post of the Week!

Note to Self: The rest of you bloggers, get writing for next weeks pick! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...


I'm honored. Now, I will definitely have to get you a "Wafer Serving Girl" outfit.

Thanks, friend!!!!! I'm glad that I made you left just enough to not pee your pants.

Anonymous said...

Uh...I meant "laugh" not left...I was just too excited to spell it right.

Maki said...

Wow this sounds very exciting for all of your readers including myself. Another great way to learn about other bloggers too! Thanks and looking forward to the next round of "Post of the Week!" :)

lhansen said...

And trailerpark deserves this mighty honor threefold~ I was on the floor rolling almost as hard as one of gentlemen in the video! Great fun!

~alison said...

Totally! She may be one of my favorite bloggers. Knows how to tell a story and adds such a different type of humor! Awesome choice!

MJ said...

TPB - Totally deserving you are. (Note: to be said in your best Yoda voice.)

Maki - I'm looking forward to it too!

LH - :D I know, wasn't it hilarious?!

Alison - No kidding. She is a hilarious lady!