Friday, September 19, 2008

Note to Self:

Holy ravioli, Batman! I had over 70 visitors on Wednesday, but only 14 people who left me comments, and most of them were normal readers.

I see you over there... LURKING! Yeah, YOU!


Even if you don't normally comment, leave me a little blurb every now and then (even if you have to do it anonymously). It makes me feel good to know you're out there (hopefully enjoying the crap I post here). And it might motivate me to write more and maybe better (but probably not). At least tell me if you love or hate something.

If you love me at least a little (and you have Blogger) become a follower (DRINK THE KOOL-AID!). I have a nifty widget at the bottom of my sidebar where you can swear your soul to m*cough**cough* I mean, er, become one of my stalkers.

And thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Several people from my real life will occasionally comment about something on my blog...but they NEVER interact (with one or two exceptions) Whats wrong with these people?

MJ said...

VV - I get the same thing! I have quite a few real life readers - my roommate, my boyfriend/the cop, his roommate, to name a few - and they almost never comment. The cop has been better about it lately, and he's left a few comments here and there (dougsbike). They probably account for about 5-10 of my unknown stalkers so that still leaves about 50 people unaccounted for.

lhansen said...

Hey now...I love stalking your blog! You have a wicked sense of humor and me appreciates humor. I will stalk you if I want!!! Ummm...feel free to stalk me back if you must!

DES said...

*hangs head in shame* (not really!)

Alas, I'm busted...I am one of your stalkers, but have very little time to post on my own blog or leave comments. (unfortunate fact o' life) :(

But...I LOVE your blog! *really, really I do*


SarahM said...


writer chick said...

Hey MJ,
That seems to be the rule, 10-20% of those who visit will make comments. I have never figured out why. I can tell you that I've had readers who have lurked for two years and have never made a comment but I know they are there. And too tons of readers who wait 6 months to make a comment. Go figure. I guess we just have to be happy that they are there, right?

colbymarshall said...

You won't get them out of their holes. I know...I've tried. Maybe if we wave a pretty piece of bacon in front of them?

Matt said...

People are showing up to feed your fish.

they are going to be fat by next week.

teeni said...

I guess some will always just lurk. But hey - at least they are reading. Some might actually participate in anonymous polls or things.