Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cream-filled Goodness

That title has nothing to do with this post...

Happy Saturday all!

I'm probably lazily floating down one of the local rivers with the cop right now, getting my tan on, and drinking some beer from the cooler we ghetto-rigged with duct tape and styrofoam to make it float. So today's post is totally scheduled.

But I just wanted to give you some fun things to do with your weekend, you know, in case you don't have friends or family and have nothing better to do on a nice Saturday but surf the web.

So here ya go..

Have trouble finding jeans that fit? Try making your own! (Thanks to the girls at PWO for this one!)

Man! I've got all these extra apples left over from the season... apple jelly anyone?

As if clowns weren't scary enough... click the link at your own risk.

Ever gotten a tattoo you regretted? Check out these. I mean, these are worse than the I got really drunk and just woke up with it tattoos.

Want to keep your Haagen Dazs? Better help the honey bees...

This guy has an interesting talent for being creepy with his drawings.

Note to Self: Somebody pass the SPF...


~alison said...

Thanks...that was fun.

teeni said...

These were fun links! Thanks! OOps. Now you know I don't have a life. LOL. But I'm working on that. ;)

teeni said...

I've tagged you for a meme. I hope you can participate!

pure evyl said...

There should be a law against naked clowns.

K Trainor said...

I just spent way too much time on that awful tattoo site. Thanks for the smiles!

MJ said...

Alison - Welcome!

Teeni - LOL. Don't feel bad, I don't really have a life either. And I'll try to get to that tag today!

PE - So right.

K Trainor - I know! It's hard to stop!