Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MJ's New Word of the Day

Thugmuffin: \thug-muff-in\, noun:

(1) Someone who wants to be a thug, esp. a young male.
Look at that thugmuffin. His pants are so big, he has to hold them while he walks. That must make running from the cops really hard.
(2) Young males emulating adult African American hip-hop culture, but to a satirical extreme; if white, could also be known as a wigger.
Look at that kid trying to act all cool! He's such a thugmuffin - stupid white-trash, wigger. I bet he'd pee in his over-sized pants if he saw a real gun.

Artist rendering of threat level of thugmuffins:
humorous pictures

Note to Self: (3) Muffins made from thugs.
My cop enjoys eating thugmuffins as part of a balanced breakfast before going on duty.


Anonymous said...

thugmuffin is a nice word to use in daily life

MJ said...

Livin - Oh yes. And it comes in very handy where I live for the classification of teenagers. The normal, the diva, the emo, the smarty, the punk, the delinquent, the redneck, and the thugmuffin...

SarahM said...

thugmuffin... hmmmm....

sounds nutritious.