Monday, July 28, 2008

Will That Be Cash or Credit Card?

The two of you that pledged $1 per post - I made it through all 48 posts, so the bill is $48 for your pledging. Of course, any amount of donation will be accepted, but $48 would be awesome! You can take care of that by clicking that button in the sidebar.

I won't really be around the blogosphere today to hound you about it, so I'm leaving you to the honor system.

The cop is in the hospital with a dislocated ankle and a leg broken in three places (he's doing okay), and I'm hoping to get some sleep after not getting any yesterday due to getting called to the ER.

Note to Self: If you're a praying person, now would be the time.


Anonymous said...

You are both in my thoughts today MJ... hope he has a speedy recovery. *hug*

SarahM said...

oh my goodness! i am serisouly praying for your wonderful hero of a boyfriend. i hope it was a camping injury and not the other kind of injury.

and 48$ is coming right up :)
dont hound me today- it will come wednesday AM- Along with my paycheck lol.

Congrats on a job well freakin done.

colbymarshall said...

Yipes! How'd he do that? Tell him I hope he's better and I'm prayin' for him!

K Trainor said...

Good Gravy! That sounds really damn painful. Hugs to you both!

Peter Parkour said...

I hope this comment hinds you and your cop in a happy place... feeling no pain. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my...Im just seeing this.

How awful...I hope he is doing well (and you, too)