Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stupid Kid

Colby challenged me to think about what a stupid child I was and write about some of the things I used to believe that weren't true.


Well, I used to think that no drinking and driving meant no DRINKING, as in anything. So for me, that ruled out Coke too, which my mom was an avid fan of. So I definitely remember scolding her on several occasions for drinking her Coke while driving.

I also remember my mom getting pulled over while on the way to taking us to school. This was back when I was really young and still lived in California. I was sure she was going to jail.

I particularly remember jumping into the bed from way away from it - just knowing that some unimaginably scary creature was going to reach out from under the bed and grab me.

Hmmm... this post reminds me of this website i posted a while back:
The Childhood Beliefs Site


Kelsee said...

Keep it up, DH is on his way home so I won't be on much longer. Is any one up with you??? How will you stay awake?? Hmmmm let's see 7-11 run for some red bull or how about going on a run around your house that should stimulate you. I know I am no help, just rambling to keep you it working?

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I used to think it took 8 hours to have sex because of a story I read in Mad magazine. It was one of those parody comic book style stories based on the Bionic woman (so this was in the 70s, obviously). Something about the Bionic woman and some Fidel Castro type character having sex (she's bionic, remember) and teh guy says something like, "That was the best 8 hours of love making I ever had".

So there you go.

MJ said...

Kelsee - Almost any kind of stimulation will keep me awake at this point... My roomie went to sleep a little while ago, so it's just me and the sleepy doggie.

NGIP - OMG LOL! Wow. That kicked the crap out of mine... Thanks for the giggle...

colbymarshall said...

HAHA- drink and drive and scolding your mom for coke- that is hilarious!