Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slap A Moron Day 2008

Happy Slap A Moron Day blog readers!

I hope your morning has already started off with a bang... er... slap!

This is the one day this year you will be able to get away with slapping all those people you wish you could slap the rest of the year. We here at Note to Self encourage palm to face therapy as a way to curb extreme moronicity as it increases throughout the summer months.

I urge you to spread the word about today - even feel free to *slap* your fellow bloggers in some SAM Day joviality!

I'll keep you updated throughout the day on who has been slapped by me. And feel free to tell me who you're gonna slap today!

Don your slappin' gloves and join in on the fun!

Note to Self:
Not sure what all this is about? Check out the side bar! Don't miss out on this great holiday!


Sornie said...

It's a good thing I always have my slappin' gloves riding shotgun. I feel some heat a-brewin' on my commute home.

colbymarshall said...

I'm slapping people all ov today-- I love it!

MJ said...

Sornie - Very clever! Driving is the easiest way to find the real morons in your area.

CM - : ) Glad you are enjoying it!