Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Note to Self:

I'm having issues not thinking about you.

I was |----this close----| to calling in sick this morning.
Darn my feeling of personal responsibility.

I'm not getting any good work done, thanks to you.


Aubrey said...

Hey, MJ, nice to see you PWO!

SarahM said...

awww ! so cute!
I miss my FH, hes been tranferred, and working exact opposite hours as me. :( so sad.

I know what you mean, i cant tell you how many times ive wanted to call in sick, and skip an Graduate Class. :( Its so Sad that we are too good.

MJ said...

Aubrey - Glad to have you visit me!

Sarah - That sucks. I have to say I like the opposite shifts though - gives you time to miss each other. Don't think skipping class didn't cross my mind. Have it tonight, but it's the last class before finals! Dang...

Anonymous said...

It's sweet to hear you speak of me like this, but calling in sick won't alleviate the problem. :P

MJ said...

Livin - Calling in sick would alleviate a lot of my problems, but it would cause other problems of a monetary nature.