Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Note to fellow bloggers: HUGS Blogathon!

This post is a call (plea) to all those blogs on my blogroll to help me get the word out about my blogathon attempt for this weekend.
I haven't received any sponsorships yet, which isn't a huge deal, but that means I have no projections for what I may raise during that night. This is a little disappointing, but is only a minor setback.
So here's the deal for you bloggers:

You are all aware of the Blogger's Best Friend award (see sidebar) that I passed out this month. Well, I'm going to be handing out another award to the blogger who sends me the most traffic starting today at 12-noon EST and lasting until the end of the blogathon on Sunday at 9AM EST. Extra points will be given to any blog who donates, as well as to any blog who sends someone who donates (make sure they leave a note in the comments that you sent them!).

Also, any blogger who donates through my website will receive a custom designed "Yourblognamehere supports HUGS" button to put on your blog. So, if you donate, make sure to leave me a comment so I can confirm it and design you a button.

Also make sure to check out the other things going on there in the sidebar - I will be matching the highest donation given, up to $50. As well as the highest donor will receive either a t-shirt of their choice from
The Police Shop or a $15 iTunes gift card.

I know it's not much people, but it's really all I have as a broke college student. Anything you guys can do to help me out would be great!
I want to stress the fact that no donation is too small. Anything will help!

Note to Self: The posting for the rest of the week will pertain to this event and some of the topics I would like to cover. Here's hoping for a great success!


Matt said...

So what exactly is a Blogathon?

pure evyl said...

I wish you and all that support this endevour good luck and I thank you for making me aware of this worthy cause.

colbymarshall said...

Will give you some linkage on my blog. I hope it goes well for you...drink caffeine!

girlydigs said...

I will put a link on my blog.. I think this is a worthy cause. Good luck to you..

SarahM said...

I am For sure linking you!! and I want to sponsor!!! 2 bux a post?

MJ said...

Thanks to all for the words of encouragement, and the linkage!

Matt - See next post in honor of your question : )

Sarah - That would be great! But keep in mind, I will probably post around 50 posts throughout the night. LOL - If you're as broke as I am, that would be a lot of money!

Aubrey said...

Hey, I linked you on my blog, good luck!

SarahM said...

oooh- thought 12 hours lol!!! ok - ok- so 1$ a post k? :)
because my brain cant keep up!

MJ said...

Aubrey - Thanks so much!

Sarah - Sounds good - I'll hold you too that! Thanks!

SarahM said...

works for me:) just send me a bill k? :)

Peter Parkour said...

I'm running late as usual, but better late than never. I just got done linking you up at my place. ;) Good luck and knock 'em dead. :)

MJ said...

PP - Already saw it! Thanks for the bump!