Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Donate

I've gotten a few questions about this, so here's the deal.

You have a few ways to donate:

(1) You can donate here on my website by clicking on the donate button in the sidebar - this will take you through Paypal, which will allow you to pay through an established Paypal account, or will allow you to pay by credit card (after providing an email address and establishing a password - basically setting up a small, quick Paypal account to record your transaction).

After clicking on donate in the sidebar, type in the amount you would like to donate at the top of the page under "donation amount," click on "update amount," then either sign in to Paypal with an established account, or click "continue" next to the credit card logos to pay by credit card. There should (should) be place for you to leave me a few words to go along with your donation - make sure to mention who you are or who sent you so I can give credit where it's due.

(2) Or you can go through this same process on the HUGS website, but the minimum donation there is $10. If you donate at the HUGS website, you must email me your electronic receipt at to be considered in the running for the prizes.

(3) If you would like to simply mail a donation into the HUGS program, you can snail mail your donations to:

Police Wives Online
RE: HUGS Program
PO Box 361
Chatham, IL 62629

Make sure to include a little note and mention that you donated because of the blogathon. I cannot confirm these donations, so if you make a donation through the mail, you will not be in the running for the prizes.

Note to Self: Thank you to all the bloggers who have already replied to my shameless begging!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

So when we go through the donation process for Paypal, is there a choice for a flat donation or is it automatically a certain amount per post?

MJ said...

NGIP - The Paypal is for flat donations only. If you would like to pledge per post, just leave me a comment and I'll "bill" you once the blogathon is over for however many posts I've done - it will probably be around 50 posts.