Sunday, July 13, 2008

Competition Countdown

As of right now, you only have about eleven-and-a-half hours until the competition is over.

Good luck!

Note to Self: The slackers may get a special award for slacking.


SarahM said...

i will graciously accept the Completely Slacking because i am too busy loving Mj and dont want to share her award.

A-Thank-you, Athankyouverrymuch

Danielle said...

Eep! Somehow, I haven't managed to make it to your blog before today, and I feel like I'm letting Colby down - she sent me here.

But I'm liking it, and adding your blog to the pile of blogs that I read on a daily basis. :)

K Trainor said...

Ok let's see here. Rented blimp to fly over major sports events flashing "Today's Musings says MJ Rocks," check. Diabolical plot to re-route all Google traffic to Today's Musings and then immediately to Note to Self...check. Clever ploy to post scantily clad people in lingerie emblazoned, "Find me at Today's Musings. No wait...MJ's"...done. (And I must say Matt Damon fills out that negligee in ways it's never been filled out before.) Yes, I believe I'm ready for crunch time.

Btw, Colby sent me.

Rocker said...

LIVIN sent me to your woderful blog for free pizza.

MJ said...

SM - I think you've caught the crazy. I suggest fresh air.

D - Thanks for coming! Happy to have you join the crazy people here. Stick around, there is more absolute nuttiness to come.

K - Sweeeeet.

Rocker - Welcome! Stick around a while. There's no free pizza, but there is some free crazy.