Monday, July 14, 2008

Drumroll please....

With a landslide, come-from-behind victory, the award goes to:

The Vinyl Villager at
Tales From The Vinyl Village!

Congratulations, VV - here's your prize!

Right click, save, etc. And let me know if you'd like the file in a different format, if you'd like me to email it to you, whatever - it's your award, do with it what you will. Enjoy!

I will have a special sidebar bump up for you sometime today, and it will stay up for a good while too. I hope to be able to send you back some of that traffic that you've sent me!

I also have some honorable mentions to make -

Police Wives Online - for largest number of return readers - hello wonderful ladies! *wave*

Livininsanity - for most devious campaign tactic - see the free pizza post - and for the lowest bounce rate

Trailer Park Barbie and Colby - tied for the largest move-ups in the listing of any of the other blogs

Thanks to everyone for sending me all these great new readers. Allow me to return the favor someday, mkay?

Note to Self:
*scheming up the next competition*


K Trainor said...

Woooo Go Livin! Congrats! :D

Anonymous said...

Holy shit!!!

I so thought I had lost!!!

woo hoo!!

K Trainor said...

Good Gravy! That was supposed to be way longer--I dunno what the hell happened. I really did congratulate you Vinyl Villager! The blurb for Livin was on the end of a host of congrats for all the winners.

I honestly dunno what happened.

Must...get...more coffee...

Allow me to try again:

Vinyl Villager--an excellent choice! Way to go!

Police Wives Online--haven't read you ladies, but I'll hop over there now!

Barbie and Colby--the Doublemint Twins!


Woooo! Go Livin! Congrats! :D

SarahM said...

Like I said- PWO! PWO! PWO! :)

colbymarshall said...

I hate losing.

Anonymous said...

As long as my deviousness is recognized. :D K Trainor, thank you. I would also like to thank the inventors of pizza. For the way in which they make pizza, I would like to thank Italy and the Chicago deep dish. And, I suppose I'll congratulate the winner (TVV), although I couldn't imagine their methodology was as creative (apparently, MJ's word for creative is devious) as mine. :)

MJ said...

VV - Well, I'm glad you're happy. Super congrats - it's well deserved.

K - I'm not sure what happened there, but you got your point across, LOL.

SM - Of course, chanting is always in order in times like these.

CM - I hate losing too, but I'm sure you will win one of my awards in the future. Perhaps a "Most Child-Hating Blog" award.

Livin - I guess I should have said "Creative, yet devious" instead.

Anonymous said...

K...its ok, Ive screwed up comments more times than I care to admit. are correct...I didnt offer free pizza, backrubs, or anything!

Matt said...


MJ said...

VV - Man, if someone had offered me a backrub, that could have been an automatic win...

Matt - Don't be sad. Maybe next time. Oh, and I'll finally be updating my blogroll today - which will include adding yours. Ciao!