Monday, June 2, 2008


Famous and influential fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent died last night after a long battle with brain cancer.

He will be best known for his empowerment of women with the redesign and promotion of the sleek and sophisticated women's pants suit and also for the tragic invention and introduction to the runway of the sheer blouse.

The whole AP story here. May the genius rest in peace.

Note to Self: So will people finally stop wearing sheer shirts and making my eyes scream? Probably not. They will probably wear them in homage for years to come...


colbymarshall said...

But thank goodness for the pants!

MJ said...

No kidding.

K Trainor said...

Just once I'd like to hear a pair of eyes scream. Put that on YouTube for me, willya? :)

Not a fan of the sheer blouses, either. A: My bras aren't meant for display, and B: Sheer = Iron.


MJ said...

I'm not quite sure what that would sound like... really loud blinking?

Double ewwww.