Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Putting myself in time-out...

So I did the worst of the worst yesterday. I went out to eat with my mother last night, and she was seeming a bit more disappointed in me than usual. Then it hit me what day it was.

I forgot my own mother's birthday.

The woman that carried me for nine grueling months and then gave painful birth to me.... I forgot her birthday. Awful I know. I am the worst daughter ever.

Of course I have never forgotten her birthday before, and I have to remind my brother every year (including this year - I sent him a text message to which he replied "10-4" - what a dork).

Well, at least I remembered mother's day this year, and I have gotten the father's day gift out of the way. But I still can't help but feel bad, and now I feel the need to make it up to her. I won't see her again until Friday when I meet up with her at the beach, so my thought was to go shopping before then and bring something down with me.

But until then, I am stuck in self-induced time-out.

Note to Self: Any suggestions on gifts would be appreciated.


colbymarshall said...

Oh, ouch. Hate it when that happens. Don't beat yourself up- just go get a nice beach-themed present to take with you to the beach--insist that was what you were waiting on! LOL :-)

MJ said...

Great minds think alike. I'm currently searching for a good beach bag to fill with goodies.