Thursday, June 19, 2008

Note to Self

Things I Regularly Take for Granted:

- Time Alone
- Hand-Holding
- Puppy Kisses
- Being Healthy
- Classic Literature
- Phone Calls
- God's Love
- Working Elevators
- Others' Patience
- Sunshine


K Trainor said...

Yikes--I won't even attempt to add my list or I'll be sitting here all day. :(

MJ said...

K - These are just the few I thought of at the moment. Certainly not an exhaustive list.

colbymarshall said...

hm, things I take for granted that I thought of right off the top of my head
-my parents and how awesome they are
-the fact that I can just run into Kroger and pick up something to make for dinner
-I agree: hand-holding

MJ said...

CM - The Kroger thing is good. I know I totally take the U-Scan for granted.