Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keyword Kraziness...

So, I signed up for Google Analytics because it just seemed like the right thing to do.
But now I'm not so sure, because I am finding some really interesting word searches that people are using to find me. Here are some good ones:

"buxom bosoms" - I think I did a post titled that.
"faecal encephalopathy" - Shit for brains, eh?
"i've had the day from hell" - Sucks for you.
"slap a ho" - Not something condone, and I don't remember posting anything about it.
"what happened next was unimaginable" - What would you expect to find searching for this?
"are brass knuckles legal in roseville ca" - WHAT? Okay so I know I have said "brass knuckles before" and I was born in Roseville, CA, but how did these things possibly get combined???
"awful father's day gift" - You just hate your dad THAT much.
"democrats are immature" - Mkaaaay. So what's your point?
"going broke" - Yes. I am.
"hannah montana" - It's all Colby's fault!!!
"paper gyno gown" - LOL. You rant about it in one post and ten people find your blog this way!
"restraining your child funny pictures" - Wait. What? Why would you search for that! SICKO!
"the right to fuzzy bear arms" - BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Note to Self: A funny, yet disturbing day of discovery.


Anonymous said...

I am fuzzy bear naked. And amused.

MJ said...

Livin - LOL. Mkay...