Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day

So, this is my first time blogging. I don't think I ever imagined myself to be a blogger before. Lord knows what drove me to this insanity in the first place - boredom maybe?

Regardless, I am hoping it will become a place where I can let loose the thoughts that are always buzzing around in my head. It's also a place where I can just talk about general things, perhaps to remind myself that I am truly blessed after all.

Anyway, I hope this will be a loving and learning experience for me - and any who may stumble upon my ramblings.

A little about me:

Short and sweet. That describes me and my style.

I often contemplate my position in life as a marketing assistant and graduate student.

My best thoughts come from good conversation over martinis.

I'm hopelessly devoted to a man with a gun, a badge, and a sexy sense of humor.

I'm a nerd at heart, but I own over fifty pairs of shoes and carry a loaded revolver.

I'm pretty opinionated, but I enjoy debate more than argument.

I have one fuzzy child, who is the cutest thing on the planet.

I have loving friends, a wonderful family, and a full closet.

What else could a girl ask for?

Note to Self: Honestly, I'm just a smart blonde trying to get by in a dumb blonde world.


Significant Snail said...

Love your blog! My daughter is also a smart blonde in a 'dumb blonde' world. She just took on her enlish teacher in a debate about Palin v. Biden and did very well! I'll have her stop by your blog...she'll like it too!

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

javaqueen14 said...

CONGRATS on your engagement!!! That's wonderful news!