Thursday, February 18, 2010

Universal Aloneness?

This is one huge universe. One we have never, nor will we ever, see the edge of. Considering planets and stars are like islands in the ocean, creating and destroying themselves regularly, the universe has a basic infinity.

So here we are, a tiny speck on creation. I find it hard to believe that we are alone. Perhaps we are simply far away from other sentient life forms, or perhaps we are a part of some giant Truman Show type drama.

I imagine a life form that has discovered the insanity of bureaucracy, the value of unhindered technological progress, and (hopefully) a distaste for rap music.

I also imagine they visit us. And probably laugh at us. In fact, I imagine we are just an s-curve on the "Ride of Stupidity" at their Universal Theme Park, right after Pluto, the cold non-planet. Like some giant version of our Space Mountain.

Perhaps instead of being awed or dumbfounded by seeing UFOs, we should flick them off instead. Assholes.

Note to Self: And maybe they have enacted a real fashion police and destroyed Wal-Marts everywhere. Please take me with you!

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Bobbinoggin said...

I enjoy reading your commentaries. :)