Monday, January 11, 2010

To Resolve?

Or not to resolve?

Well, in the spirit of the New Year, let me recap my 2009: got laid off from work, found a new job, bought a house, finished my MBA, got promoted, and got married. Pretty big year. A pretty damn good year too.

So, I suppose I am going to have to make some resolutions to try and make 2010 not seem crap-tastic compared to last year.

First, I am going to resolve to stay more or less connected. By this, I mean that I will stay more connected to those I love, yes, including you blog readers, and less connected to toxic relationships, not unlike those dramatic people you somehow become friends with on facebook. This brings me to my next resolution.

Second, there will be a ginormous (yes, it's a word) purging of my facebook friends list. Should you be unfortunate enough to have pissed me off in the last year or simply just too lazy to even write on my wall after you "friended" me, you will be removed from my elite list of friends (and you might even possibly be blocked, depending on how much of a whackadoo I think you might be).

Third, I plan to wear a bikini this year. These past two weeks of being bombarded by some strange virus (meerkat flu? I dunno...) have shown me that I do, in fact, have the ability to be on a liquid diet and learn to have no taste for food whatsoever. Yay, sickness!

Fourth, I plan to get involved. In what, I am not sure yet. Probably something dangerous, but hopefully not illegal. I am going to go ahead and predict that it will have something to do with my pal Colby. Go figure.

Fifth, I will vow not to kill the new puppy. I guess. But if he eats a pair of my Stuart Weitzman's all bets are off.
Note to Self: I also would like to have a more fulfilling job. Anyone looking to hire a cute blonde who is pretty good at everything, but not quite awesome at anything (except just generally being awesome)?


Meadowlark said...

Rock on with the bikini thing!

Anonymous said...

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My Life As I Live It said...

I feel you on facebook, it seems some people add you just to see your pictures. One of the things I don't like about FB, not having a call returned but getting a wall post in return, I think it's made some people a bit impersonal.

kweenmama said...

I'm very particular about my facebook account. If you weren't that interested in being my friend in HS, why should I let you view my profile NOW????

Rock that bikini!

Anonymous said...

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monica said...

aw, new puppy ? so now you're a household of.... 5 ? the cop, the blonde and 3 x four legged ones?