Thursday, November 26, 2009


After scarfing down three different Thanksgiving meals, I am finally home from the familial festivities. Right now, I am preparing myself for working retail hell tomorrow and trying to digest the ridiculous amount of sweet potatoes I have consumed over the last two days. I am baking brownies for the cops on duty tonight and cupcakes for my coworkers tomorrow, trying to make "Black Friday" not seem so black. While the sweet smell of chocolate fills my kitchen, it is easy to reflect on today's blessings. So I give you:

The Top 10 Things to Be Thankful for Today

10. I did not actually explode from over-eating.
9. My cop brought me breakfast this morning as a sweet gesture. (Although I did not eat it from still being full from the previous day's early Thanksgiving celebration, it was a sweet gesture...)
8. I didn't have to spend money on dog food today, because Panther was fed enough ham to last him a week.
7. I got to take enough food home, that I will probably not have to buy groceries for a month.
6. I am so full of good things, like vegetables and lean turkey meat, that dessert could not even wedge itself into my stomach if I tried. So, at least I am a healthy, chubby kid and not just a chubby kid.
5. The cop and I have an agreement that Thanksgiving is when I could finally start decorating for Christmas.
4. The Christmas decorations were already pulled out and waiting for me.
3. I got the majority of the non-tree-related Christmas decorations up this morning.
2. Christmas means Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. Mmm.
1. I got to see my cutie-pie nephew today. No joke there. I love the little booger.

I hope you took the time out today to really think about what you are thankful for. And not just the whole, "friends, family, health, blah blah blah..." but what you are really blessed with on top of those things.

Note to Self: What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

How about little girls who bring their crossing guard a warm cup of cocoa on a cold morning? That happened to me the day before Thanksgiving and made my day!

Hope you survived Black Friday. My girls and I kept up our new tradition and ventured out for a few good laughs.

FREECASH said...