Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Note From the Universe

I subscribe to a daily "Note From the Universe". They email me a note each day that gives advice, wisdom, and inspiration.

I wanted to share one that I got this week, especially since it was so timely with my Re-defining Success post:

If you're really honest, MJ, you have to admit that things today, in your most amazing life, at this most amazing time in history, are far better than they've ever, ever been.

Well done,
The Universe

PS. And we've only just begun, Margeaux.

I love these notes.

Note to Self: Go here to subscribe.


colbymarshall said...

I love it when the universe flatters me. Heehee...that's fun ;-)

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Not as amazing as my long weekend in New Orleans for my son's wedding!

During which I had an encounter with a local police officer that might interest you. I was walking around the block on which our hotel was located for the purpose of smoking - the smoking Nazis have managed to ban the pleasure inside - and I chanced across a relative who was waiting by the garage entrance for his car to be brought around.

As one would expect, I went over and engaged him in conversation, shortly into which dialog the officer who was directing traffic at that location, NOLA understands the importance of the tourist trade, screamed at us to "get the hell out of the garage entrance!" Which we did. Really, he had a gun and all, but it was kind of abrupt and not at all soothing. So we moved three feet up the sidewalk and continued out conversation.

Two minutes later, once the immediate rush of traffic thinned out, said officer came over and apologized for yelling, and explained that the locals parking cars there can be quite dangerous, and that he was concerned for our safety. We thanked him of course, and I'd just like to say that if the police all over were allowed the time to do things like this we'd all be better off.

My best to the Cop,
the Grit

Ashley said...

Tag... you're it! (see my blog)
Have a great weekend...

Franco said...

HAHAH Cool, i wanna subscribe too.

MJ said...

Colby - Yes, me too.

The Grit - Thanks for the story! I always love when people have the "Aha! Cops might be human too!" moments.

Ashley - Headed over there now!

Franco - You should!

Nardeeisms said...

Love those notes! They keep me going! ~Nards~