Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dealing With Crap (Literally)

[Note: I have to give a hat tip to my roommate for giving me the idea for this post. Thanks roomie!]

I'm sitting here at home typing up this post while a plumber is putting in a new toilet and a new sink and vanity into the upstairs bathroom. (BTW, any single ladies out there? This guy is cute!) It makes me wonder how in the world people choose to be a plumber.

Or how about other jobs?

You spend all those years in medical school, right, and then when it comes time to pick your specialty, you think to yourself, you know, I wouldn't mind dealing with people's poo for a living. I think I'll be a gastroenterologist.

Now I know the obvious reasons. A lot of times plumbers are in a family business. Plus, they get paid pretty well. And gastroenterologists are some of the best paid doctors out there. They also recognize that colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death.

But seriously? I don't think my love for family or money could possibly be strong enough to literally deal with shit for a living. Although, thank goodness there are people out there with the stomach strength to do it.

Note to Self: Shooooo.... you ladies need to get over here. This is some prime plumber butt here!


colbymarshall said...

This is rather similar to the fact that the gyno I go to, his whole family (dad and brother) are also gynos. Um, how did this become a family occupation?

Franco said...

haha lov your shoutout to the plumber.
i know what you mean, the whole college degree career thing is confusing.
colby: every time i drive by the gyno office it smell like an 80 year old hoo-ha that has been cleaned in dacades. ~_~

Lucy said...

I have two cousins. One is a gyno and the other a dentist. The gyn said once to the dentist....'How do you stand working in people's mouths?' The dentist looked back and said.....'You're asking ME how I do My work?'

True story.

nicedaydesigns said...


Well I'm glad someone does it, and I'm glad it's not me. It's amazing what jobs the mind can switch off to...
(an odd mix of examples I know)

Why is the suicide rate with dentists the highest in the world for any profession, I know it's bad but it's certainly not the worst. My dad told me(he is a goldsmith) that the suicide rate among diamond cutters is up there with dentists.The stress I suppose..

MJ said...

CM - Yeah. That is a real family industry. Can you imagine those family get-togethers?

Franco - LOL

Lucy - LMAO! Nice.

NDD - Isn't it interesting? Police officers are actually barely above the average, which is a little hard to believe. Perhaps it's because they can take their aggression out on people who deserve it?

Sarah Jane said...

To Play off of Colby's comment...can you imagine what it sounds like at the Thanksgiving table??? What to THEY talk about???

birdpress said...

I dated a septic man once. Yeah, it was a family business.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I understand your puzzlement. My wife, a veterinarian with 6 years of graduate school education, spends almost an hour a day cleaning up pet deposits, as does everyone on her staff. What a shame there's no market for the stuff.

the Grit